Why do I like New Your and what makes it perfect place to visit. Why travel to New York?

Due to an anthropological gallery called the metro, a great sample of the population of New York.

Russians with swordsmen, beautifully inflamed faces and blue eyes, Japanese masks like surgeons. Then Mexicans with black curls, Jews with hats, Afro-Americans with hoods and unidentified peoples with something that looks like a ninja mask. Yes, this was unintentionally cold winter in America. And so, they speak about forty-four languages ​​in fact, to 800!. So it’s understandable that America officially does not have an official language.

Everything happens in the metro. As on average New Yorkers drive 40 minutes a day to work, this time must somehow be used. They make up, sleep, talk indefinitely with mobile, play that game with diamonds on iPhones, read comparative analyzes of biscuits in health food journals, or – the Bible. And those who sing are coming and then they ask for a tart, but they are well-educated, they handle the passengers and give a “high profile”, they apologize if someone did not like singing.

They sing, for example “Stand by me” and the like. How does one not like it? Afterwards, I heard that the metro “singers” must go through a rigorous audition to sing in the metro. And that some of them performed at Carnegie Hall. And, yes, something extraordinary about the metro in New York is that it works 0-24 , 365 (or 366) days of the year … (Just like Apple store on Fifth Avenue, closed only for two days ever, because of Hurricane Sendi.).

And what about culture and Broadway?

Because in those few streets on Broadway there are forty theaters. Big ones. And a lot of the little ones, which are called off-Broadway. And many more smaller ones, which are called off-off-Broadway. And some micro theaters that enter directly from the street across the steep stairs, and no corridors do not have. All in all, there are over 400 theaters. And then, in big theaters, some people with at least five talents play / sing / jump / act / play / ride trotinet. And much of it simultaneously, both live and even perfect. They paid around $ 1,500 a week, but I would give them a lot more.

Because you feel every moment like you’re in a movie, because over the past hundred years over 20,000 movies have been filmed in New York. It’s not that it’s some of my favorite movies now, but it’s kind of a unique feeling to go wherever you go through some stenography.

Well, then, this Times Square, I do not know, I’ve never been enchanted with light-colored commercials and bare cowboys. But you can not lift your head and get up when you see the screen size of the ten-storey building and the huge legs of a model on the whole screen, for example. Or M & M is a light candy bag size. It is necessary to melt the current at all times in order to make it so glittering. Personally, I do not understand electricity. But someone has calculated it and said that there is enough electricity enough to illuminate 161,000 average homes.

Food and people?

Then else, why travel to New York. Because there are 4,000 street food sellers: Mexicans, Vietnamese, Senegalese, Brazilians, Chinese. If you eat lamb with rice at midnight, you just have to wait 15 minutes in line on the corner of 53th Street and Sixth Avenue, because with Egyptians is always crowded. Then you walk through the street and eat for six dollars everything and everything, and as if you are on a gourmet journey around the world.

After all, you often feel in New York on a journey around the world. It’s enough that from Harlem, where half a tattooed black is clipped over a semicircle at minus 15 degrees. When you go to Queens where the best New York burek. A cheese pie from south-east Europe. It is sold, through all-known Little Italy and Chinatown (the largest Chinese enclave of the western hemisphere) .

Everybody head about Brooklyn

And then, very important, because New York has Brooklyn. And Brooklyn is something wonderful, among other things, because in Brooklyn you can be insiders at a leisurely Sunday gathering in the church where the gospel is singing. And those fat-looking black girls are really lined up and improvised and rocking, and it’s so good to crawl and perhaps cry, although you’re not even minimalist – it’s enough that you are emotional. Brooklyn did not want to “unite” with the rest of New York, and if not, he would be the third-largest city in America, and then became one of five parts of New York in 1898. And Brooklyn today are complaining about that, remained in the shadow of Manhattan, but unjustly.

In Brooklyn there are about 700 art and culture institutions. Beautiful brownstone houses and the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. A marvel of engineering of their time, with a free and priceless view of Manhattan. Is a young, average age of the population of 34. He is painted with galleries and fleas, and is resided by the spirit of writers, artists and – Merlin Monro. A lot of things are designed in Brooklyn, like the aforementioned gospel. And then also the air conditioner and plush honey (“teddy bear”), in a candy store. The permission to call Teddy arrived personally from the then US President, Theodore Roosevelt.

New York was planned.

And yet … It’s not that I do not like curly romantic socks, but there’s something in these New York streets and avenues that are always cut at right angles. First, you can always go and just – right. No winding. Second, you are in one of the largest cities in the world, yet, in order to get lost, you have to be just an anti-talent to the folders. Simple, and above all practical. However, it did not sound so when, at the end of the 18th century, the urban planner’s proposal for the network plan of the streets was smoothly rejected by the city hall.

Nevertheless, a few years later, the idea was accepted and a special commission was formed. That carried out a plan in the work of the hill-climbing hills and overgrown the courtyards. To the general indignation of the inhabitants of what is now called the “downtown.” Thus, Manhattan’s visionary overseer was longitudinally crossed. Everybody asked why someone would live in a distant 51st Street there, today’s flat-rate studio apartment in this street is at least $ 3,500 a month.

And finally, why travel to New York and why i love him

I love New York and because it has department stores. Department store! When was the last time you heard someone buy something at the department store? I am not a dumbbell, if we exclude the flea market, but going to these department stores has made me nuance and reminded me of the dear eighties and childhood, and to excitement because “we are going to a department store.” There are still real real department stores in New York, eight floors.

And I love it because it looks like a city where happiness is easy to find and the future is, if you do a little bit. Where people come or go, they see the Statue of Liberty and believe they will find something better than what they left behind. It’s not like Europe. It does not seem pretentious like Paris or London … It did not seem like it to me. He seemed to me as soon as he accepted everything and everyone, which is possible, because more than half of his inhabitants are not born there, but who knows where. Those people we see in the metro and in which I could not stop watching, and to guess where they are and why they are, in that metro, for whom I love New York.