Hong Kong in three days

This is my short story of short visit to Hong Kong in three days.

Although the Special Administrative Area of ​​China – Hong Kong is not a place where you can see something of ancient Chinese culture and civilization, it is worth a visit. If not for something else but because of the fact that it is called the New York East. This year was even declared a Discovery Hong Kong Year, so in accordance with world trends I visited this “in” place. I was joking aside, it was a business trip, so I spent 3 and a half days there. The trip lasted a total of 15 hours (3 to London, and then another 12 to Hong Kong) and so arrived.

Is it hard to say that we were surprised when we realized that our hotel is located in the street of night clubs (all with Welcome US navy signs) in the Wan Chai area, on Hong Kong Island, near the business center of the city. This is when you are told in the description of the hotel location that the hotel is in the very center of nightlife. Thank God, they did not name the rooms for an hour, or it goes elsewhere, I did not even try to find out. Although the macros are not attacking, I was frustrated to paint strippers in front of the bars. Well, you remain deprived of that exotic image. Hong Kong Island is usually the center of HK, and here’s a famous night view of the Kowloon Peninsula and the Tsim Tsa Tsui area – a paradise for swimmers! (certified, below)

There is one thing that has ruined my day and because of which I no longer dare to enter the Chinese restaurant (although I have eaten the best Chinese food I have ever eaten there). Do you know how to smell (not to say stinking) Chinese Chinese cuisine, with the heavy scent of food and moisture that you stick to your nostrils? Well, that stinks the whole city! Of course, not peripherals, but the inhabited part is. I have never been to Asia before, but they say that the whole wears a specific scent. Some did not bother.

When it’s added to a comment by a Chinese woman that they eat everything that flying (and if not the plane) and all that has 4 legs (and if it’s not a table and chair), I started to notice that nowhere dogs or mats on the streets. Flys do not have long ago (they had a law that everybody had to kill 10 flyers, even tourists, on a monthly basis) until they were exterminated. I can only imagine how they were with the fumes on that moisture! I noticed the dog just in the vicinity of Po Lin Monastery. But, I must point out that the Buddhists are monks vegetarians (lunch in the monastery inaccessible !!!). This monastery is located on Lantau Island, the largest island in Hong Kong, which has only 20,000 inhabitants, but the beautiful nature and all kinds of snakes that I heard about, how many wild animals I have noticed, except tigers that sometimes appear (how can they appear on the island in the middle of the sea if they are not already there?), and the last one was killed in the attack on the position at the end of the fifties.

This island extends to the biggest beach of HK, 3 km long, of course sandy (it was cold for swimming, but I dipped my leg in the South China Sea, soup!).

Above the monastery is the largest seated bronze bud in the open, 25 meters high. The Buddha sits on the lotus petals (in which his museum, but there was no painting allowed), since according to the legend as soon as he was born he walked under his feet when he made the first seven steps the lotus flowers flourished.

This island has remained in my most memorable memory. The rest is either completely urbanized or poor. They still have people living in boats on the water (so called Sea People), but they build state housing for them, and there are only 2000 left. Otherwise, Hong Kong has 7.4 million inhabitants and is not subject to the Chinese rule on one child. The Chinese have the most, but there are a lot of Britons (though they are former British colonies), Americans, Australians, I even saw blacks and, of course, Arabs or Indus, or whatever they are (who offer tailor’s services, false watches and bags). State apartments are called kiss buildings (because they are so close), and you do not need a TV, you can watch the neighborhood, you just have to have a remote. On average, 5 Chinese live on 25 squares, and the working week lasts 44 hours.

The currency is the Hong Kong dollar. The center is urban, clean and safe, the periphery is tropical, poor and exotic. Due to humidity in all indoors (especially restaurants), the climate is constantly on and it is very cold and unpleasant. On the other hand, if you turn it off in your hotel room, you will not be able to breathe. Otherwise, they are very superstitious and they are subordinated to it. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. The fans are also the cult of the ancestors (they burn paper shoes, dresses, laundry machines and air conditioners that if they were dead for life they have afterwards, and if they do not have them in the next one). And, of course, everything is built by feng shui. As they have a problem with the space, the buildings are nothing in height, the streets are narrow (with two lanes in both directions the biggest streets and overpasses, underpasses, tunnels and tunnels.), And trams and buses are, of course, upstairs. Car is a luxury, so only rich and driving them, but the car is great. Especially popular is the ferry Star Ferry, which takes you for 20 dinars to the peninsula in 10 minutes (they say this is the cheapest transportation of this kind in the world). And the view, especially at night, shoots at a luminous city, where every larger building has its light show at the top.

Too bad I could not see the ancient China, I think I would leave a much greater impression on me. But, good to start my distant journeys and this is ok. Oh yes! Shoping! Hm, they have Chinese markets (like ours) and of course the exclusive boutiques of the world’s biggest brands. With huge billboards, you are judged by Judd Law, which advertises Dunhill, Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt. Of course, I do not omit the offer of fake Rolex and Prada purses. Well, who loves … The technique is a bit cheaper than with us, McDonald’s also, even Zara. But that’s because our standard of living is high! Ha, ha … That’s not clear to me.

Otherwise, they speak English very badly, which is strange since they have been an English colony for so long and that they have so many inhabitants of the speaking area and, of course, tourists (last year, the HK visited 25 million people). They are very kind, especially taxi drivers whom we (Serbian) have honored, so they ask where we are, but they do not know who we are. Even young Pizza Hut employees are barely understanding that you are ordering an ordinary non-diet Coca Cola. Regular, no diet! Regular, okay? And so five times. Well, it’s not 4 times (it’s an unhappy number).