story from prague

Always amazing to read about travel story from Prague.

Capital of the Czech Republic, where Kafka and Kundera found their inspiration. It is a sufficient sign that Prague can always write something new, and this time we have a guide!

The city’s main attraction is its ancient architecture for centuries. On its eighteen bridges on the banks of Vltava, lies one of the most beautiful European capitals and cities in the world. A city in which all artistic styles are mixed, where you can see beautiful facades, cultural monuments. Also on every step you can find a place to buy something new.

Charles Bridge, Orloj, Old Town Square, Republic Square, National Museum, Golden Street, National Theater, Church of Sv. ladies from Tina, the cathedral of Sv. Vida, Hradcani, are just a part of why peoples adorns this city!

So old and so modern. Prague is an eternal city. It will find both the research spirit and seekers of the mysteries and secrets of medieval Europe, fans of old knowledge and crafts, magic, alchemy, and hidden places that spell magic. Take the opportunity to visit the sights of the city, but also to enjoy its charm, in the kitchen and of course Czech beer. Because there are many old pubs in the city.

I can always recommend Ufleku, and their amazing dark lager old almost half an millennium!

prague beer

In case someone asks you when it is best time to go to Prague, the answer is simple that the simpler can not be – Always! However, if you have the choice, the best time to visit is the fourth or fifth month, during the spring. Everything then is in the city, some sights that are closed in winter, and the various unfamiliar languages ​​around you are constantly listening because Prague is a tourist mecca. Keep in mind that the 1st and 8th of May are holidays, so there are regular entertainment in the city.

Now that we’ve given you a small introduction, and you’ve decided to pack your suitcases and ready to go, we’ve decided to make a short guide. How to do better in this city. So let’s move on.

What do you need to see in the city?

1. Prague Castle at night. MANDATORY. It is open until 23 hours, and for the impact of the season and the hour longer. When it comes to darkness, there is a totally different feeling, and it is an excellent thing that you will probably be just a few tourists, so you will experience the castle in a much better way.

2. Enjoy a pub that is not touristy, with homemade beer and a specially preserved Camembert (on the Czech Nakladany Hermelin).

3. It is a disadvantage to not see the totally ‘moved’ and crazy artwork signed by David Černy. They are on the streets of the city, and when you see them, you’ll know what we are talking about.

What are the most common traps for tourists?

People are buying from souvenir shops that sell you classic Russian souvenirs such as babyski or caps with the inscription “CCCP”. That is a mistake, because you are not in Moscow but in Prague. Be careful also in which taxi you are using, striptease bars, shops selling apsent and similar things in the center. Also, avoid the so-called. ‘authentic Czech restaurants’ near the square, because the food is not that good and expensive. I can really recommend “U Vejvodů” restaurant. Awesome ribs and beers.

Where do you get the best view of the city?

In case you pay – with the Petrin tower, the southern tower of the cathedral of Sv. Vida or the tower at the beginning of the Karlovac bridge. You can also look for it for free, and for this are the best places in Hanavsky Pavilion in Letna park and Vyšehrad quarter.

Give me local food!

Our Fodder or Naški ‘Our Meat’ is a butcher and a shop which contains exclusively products made by Czech farmers. When you buy a piece of meat, you can get it there immediately and prepare to eat it, and there is also a self service beer basket! But wait, is this some kind of paradise?

But, vegetarian I …

Maitrea, Daba, Etnosvet. Well, make a brother!

Okay, I will not go to the Russian cribs and other staff, what souvenir to bring home?

Shoes Botas 66. What are “Startasice” in us are “Botas” in the Czech Republic. The history of production dates back to the sixties of the last century, and would not you like to change something that’s not made in Asia?

And how to best see the city?

So now that you’ve bought “Botas”, it’s best to walk. Prague is known as a city you can less or more visit its own feet so that some public transport needs will not be. If so, metro and trams are ready to wait for you. But i really prefer going by foot.

I’ll spend a lot of time there, do you have any suggestions for a trip?

Yeah. Castle Trench is a great place for a one-day excursion. It was first built as a Gothic fort, but later converted into a magnificent baroque castle, which is open to visitors from April to October. An alternative is a visit to the city of Kutna Hora, which is best known for its terrific chapel decorated with bone remains of 40 to 70 thousand people. Yes, you read well.

Also note that Karlovy Vary is not that far away. Spa for Bohemian kings. If you have time, also a must visit around.

All right, a little bit of fun, night life! What travel story from Prague this would be without it 🙂

If you choose to go to Cross Club you will not make a mistake. Great atmosphere and fun are guaranteed, and the entrance is often free. Also Hard Rock Caffe is great.

Thanks for the advice! Your welcome 🙂

Enjoy, and be happy in the Golden Town!