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There are endless number of amazing places all around the world and for sure we can not visit all of them. But reading trip stories from all those places can get you more closer to its beauty. Or on the other hand can give you idea to organize your own trip based on what you have read. Also if you recently visited some dream place, we are inviting you to share your story with us. So fasten you seat bells, take your suitcase and enjoy!

Cuba, country from the past

Trip to Cuba. Looking at the New Year's fireworks, I dreamed about what awaits me in a few hours. All the way to the...

What’s up in Mexico City?

So, what is up in Mexico City? A beautiful city for you. It's crazy because for the past three months I've been living in a small...

Hong Kong in three days

This is my short story of short visit to Hong Kong in three days. Although the Special Administrative Area of ​​China - Hong Kong is...

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